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Where Conor McGregor’s first pitch is one of the worst in history originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

Conor McGregor is a baddddd man with baddddd goals.

The MMA superstar took the hill Wrigley field on Tuesday, delivering a ceremonial first pitch so terrible it has to be seen to be believed:

It’s an undeniably embarrassing first pitch, but is it that? worst?

There’s a storied history of humiliating shots, from pop singers barely throwing the ball forward to professional athletes looking way beyond their league. Here McGregor’s mistake is one of the worst first pitches of all time:

10. Darth Vader

Something tells me there was no Little League on Tatooine.

The most notorious Sith Lord in the galaxy was at the Tampa Bay Rays’ Star Wars Day at the Tropicana Dome in July 2012. The troops weren’t there because he barely kept them on the ground. We’re giving him an easy pass here as his armor definitely hinders his throwing mechanics.

9. Dr. Anthony Fauci

Dr. Anthony Fauci You may need to check out yet another Stephen Strasburg volume.

The director of the National Institute for Allergies and Infectious Diseases had to throw the ceremonial first pitch for the first game of the shortened MLB season 2020. It was a special game for Fauci as it was a matchup from his home team that New York Yankees, and the team in the city he now calls home, that Washington Nationals. His first throw went wrong, but luckily there weren’t any spectators in the stands to mock him.

Fauci narrowly beaten John Wall and Alexander Ovechkin for the worst first pitch in Nationals Park. The former No. 1 overall selection of the Washington Wizards escaped the top 10 due to solid speed and a rescue from Drew Storen behind the bowl. The former No. 1 overall winner of the Washington Capitals meanwhile held the ball over the plate and picked it up after Max Scherzer.

8. Jordan Leandre

It’s hard to hit a hit-by-pitch when there’s no one in the batter’s box, but Jordan Leandre made it with his first pitch at Fenway Park in 2017.

The former high school pitcher airmailed his throw and nailed an innocent cameraman to the backstop. Somehow, it gets worse for people who try to pin the action later on this list.

7. Mark Mallory

Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory managed to get kicked out before the Reds season even started.

Mallory faced the 2007 Reds inaugural competition Chicago Cubs. He kicked out his ceremonial first pitch, hitting an umpire – who was about four feet from home plate. The referee jokingly threw Mallory out of the game, which the Reds won 5-1.

6. Carl Lewis

Pre-game ceremonies just aren’t Carl Lewis’ thing.

In 1993, the nine-time Olympic champion sang at an NBA game between the Chicago Bulls and New Jersey nets. Ten years later he threw a first pitch with six bounces at Safeco Field in Seattle. His second attempt was more respectable, but the first throw is still another legendary pre-game mishap.

5. Carly Rae Jepsen

Maybe you call the bullpen?

Singer Carly Rae Jepsen was able to throw the first litter at a Rays game in 2013. She stood on the rubber, curled up, and delivered a throw about 50 feet and 20 degrees from home plate.

There are some unforgettable hopping attempts between Jepsen, Lewis and Mallory. Yet one ranks above them.

4. Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey has the only international entry on this list.

The pop icon trotted to the Tokyo Dome’s infield to take first place before a game between the Yomiuri Giants and the Rakuten Eagles. Her pitch just reached the threshold of a “throw” when it hit the lawn just a few meters in front of her and hit Giants relief replacement Marc Kroon.

Much to Carey’s credit, she kept the two batter’s boxes spaced, and like Vader, the heels aren’t the best baseball wear. Still, we Carey cannot miss this attempt.

3. Mary Ruich

Hitting someone with a pitch in the backstop or to the side of the home plate is one thing. Drilling a photographer standing out of the way in the infield grass is a different matter.

Chicago White Sox Employee of the month Mary Ruich met a photographer with her first solemn pitch in 2019. We can all breathe a sigh of relief because the camera was fine.

“I honestly didn’t even see it coming,” said Darren Georgia, the photographer caught in the middle Chuck Garfien of NBC Sports Chicago. “I took the picture and it just hit the camera. It didn’t hit my head. The camera is fine. I’m ok I’m just shocked. “

2. 50 cents

The misdirected throw of 50 cents at Citi Field in 2014 has been the gold standard for terrifying first pitches for seven years.

The southpaw started his first throw so far to the left that it is difficult to understand. The wind up and the throwing motion aren’t outrageous, so what happened? It’s almost like trying to fool every Patrick Mahome’s style with a no-look pass for the photographers.

The rapper immediately denied claims that his slip was intentional as a publicity stunt with his new album, Animal Ambition, due out in a week’s time. Regardless, it’s a first pitch that will stand the test of time because it’s really terrible.

1. Conor McGregor

Conor takes the crown.

It’s not even a freshness bias – there has simply never been a more first litter than the one McGregor threw at the Friendly Confines on Tuesday.

The movement, the delivery, and the throw itself make it seem like he’s trying to play fetch with Clark, the mascot, instead of throwing a punch to Patrick Wisdom. The bounce of the stones even sent Wisdom on a hunt over the backstop to find the ball.

If McGregor focused a little more on his target, it looks like he could take a solid first pitch. On the other hand, he also has a questionable throwing motion with a soccer ball:

For now, however, he holds a new title belt for the worst ceremonial first throw in baseball history.

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