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NLCS: Swindler @ Braves 4-5 (Series: 0-2)

[] Braves ‘never up’, go LA AGAIN in G2

“These guys never give up”

“Magic can happen”

Blah blah blah, the usual was said after a second straight win by the Braves against the LA Dodgers. That was a bad defense from Trea Turner, man, be honest. But in sport you need a bit of luck, and the Braves’ aggressive running was a well executed strategy. You have to do your best to beat LA, and that’s exactly what Atlanta does. Let’s hope they can keep that up for the rest of the series: last season

[] the Braves were 2-0 and 3-1 against the Dodgers in the NLCS and some may still remember how that ended.

Max ‘arm was dead’

[LA Times] “My arm was dead,” said Scherzer. “As I warmed up, I could see that it was still tired. … Usually in such situations, once you pass level 45, it eases up and you can delve deeper into a game. But after that third inning it didn’t get any easier. It got even tighter. So I could say that my number of pitches would be limited. “

What did you think Massive brain spasms bring down Dodgers in NLCS Game 2

[LA Times] The Dodgers lost their minds, then lost the game. There is no other way to explain it. There’s no way I can excuse it. There is no way around.

Dodgers can still beat the Braves if Andrew Friedman and Co. stop thinking

Incredibly, the Dodgers Front Office made an even worse decision this year. Remember, these are the same people who signed Trevor Bauer. You will have to live with this decision for a while. ALCS: Red Sox @ Astros

[ESPN] (Series: 1-1)

Boston Red Sox start left-handed Eduardo Rodriguez in Game 3 of ALCS

[MLB Trade Rumors] The Astros will send RHP Jose Urquidi up the hill.

Padres awaits an interview with Mike Shildt; Not planning to interview Ron Washington

[ESPN] Everyone is still trying to figure out why Shildt was fired by the cardinals. The Padres are even more intrigued than we are and will interview Shildt to find out why. Maybe he’ll get a job offer as a reward.

Major League Baseball will require teams to provide housing for minor league players starting in 2022

[Yahoo Sports] Owners have shown more than once that they don’t care about their minor league teams or players. Why should they They only cost money. That was not how they got rich. But in the end, MLB said enough is enough. Larger bases, a free pass to the runner-up in the extras, …: MLB wants baseball players to feel comfortable and at ease and now housing appears as the next logical step.

Scouts and executives on why Bob Melvin would be an obvious choice as a Mets manager It’s practically impossible to find anyone in baseball who doesn’t care about Bob Melvin. thinks

would be a breeze for the Mets, his reputation as a longtime manager of the big league, including the past 11 seasons with the Oakland Athletics.

[Japan] Across the Pacific

NPB, Topps announce first trading card deal

Topps and Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) have announced a 2021 license agreement to manufacture and distribute baseball trading cards in Japan. It is the first time in its 80-year history that the company has issued official trading cards for all 12 NPB teams.

[The Netherlands] Across the Atlantic

Baseball player Amsterdam extend national title after defeating rival Neptunus

In a best-of-seven, the Amsterdam Pirates defeated rival Neptunus from Rotterdam 4: 3 and won the Dutch baseball championship Rotterdam for the second time in a row since 2019.

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