The Yankees’ shortstop situation: Maybe a good one


It is obvious that the New York Yankees are in a shortstop situation. Gleyber Torres is the shortstop since Didi Gregorius left after signing Gerrit Cole. Torres is not a short stop and is more comfortable at 2B. Lately the Yankees have made some changes for the better. Moving Gleyber Torres to second place and moving Gio Urshela to Short. While the move has proven strong, it is an issue that the Yankees need to address.


The market for free agents for short stops next year is loaded. At the top of the list are guys like Corey Seager, Carlos Correa, and Trevor Story. The Yankees were rumored to be all of these guys. Trevor Story was a big name mentioned in bomber trade rumors about this year’s deadline.

Answer in the farm

The Yankees may not have to go after these guys. After all, their main prospect, Anthony Volpe, is a shortstop. The 20-year-old from New Jersey has taken minors by storm. He’s putting together a very solid season beating .294 with a 1,027 OPS and starting 27 homers with Hudson Valley. Volpe is a very consistent hitter with a lot of pop in the racket. His defense is solid, which only gets better. The question with Volpe is whether he is already MLB-ready. Since he’s only 20 years old, the Yankees may want to keep him in the minors for some time.

Since Anthony Volpe is on the Yankees farm, this offers a lot of security within the franchise. You don’t have to look for a big shortstop to a long-term deal. Not being tied to a shortstop in the coming years, Volpe will give it a chance within the next one to two years.

The Yankees have been blessed with some great prospects in the past few years. The best come from those who raised them through their own system. Luis Severino and Gary Sanchez, to name a couple. Anthony Volpe and Jason Dominguez, the top two prospects, might turn out to be the same thing.

The Yankees have many options at shortstop. There are plenty of people out there trying to find a short term solution. Andrelton Simmons is a guy who could be cheap. The shortstop is 32 years old which is still a quality solution. Simmons is a great defensive shortstop that offers a solid racket. The Yankees could also choose to stay on shortstop with Gio Urshela until Anthony Volpe is ready. Whichever choice the Yankees choose, Volpe will be in the majors as a Yankee. We can all look forward to it.



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