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Brandon is # 1 in all sports at Wager Talk in 2021, earning his clients 192% profit on their investments as of Jan 1st. He wins 62% of his Asian baseball games in 2021 and has a 4% stake in the Yokohama Baystars at Yakult Swallows, which start at 1:30 p.m. PT. This is a piece that is in every book.

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Sports Game selection Playtime
KBO (304627) Doosan Bears at (304628) LG Twins 5:30 am EDT – September 30, 2021

The game: 1H Doosan Bears -170

Brandon is # 1 in all sports at Wager Talk in 2021, earning his clients 192% profit on their investments as of Jan 1st. He wins 62% of his Asian baseball games in 2021 and has a 4% stake in the Yokohama Baystars at Yakult Swallows, which start at 1:30 p.m. PT. This is a piece that is in every book.

At these odds, I can’t make this a paid game, but there is value in these odds as I have that at -230. Lockett is one of the top SPs in Korea and he faces a converted savior with a career WHIP of 1.74. Doosan played a role. This should be a slightly low score and LG has a great bullpen so keep this at a 1.

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Consultant Bio

Brandon is based in Tokyo, Japan and previously spent ten years serving as a Japanese baseball scouting for the Pacific Rim Scouting Department of a major league baseball team. Now he’s using his mathematical probabilities and betting models to hamper Japanese baseball and a number of international basketball leagues. It also covers college tires. Most of the leagues that Brandon has handicaps on are smaller markets that are less sharp and therefore offer more line value than more popular markets.

Brandon believes in long-term success. Sports betting is not a quick program for getting rich, but rather an investment in the long run, and after the bookmakers have been given the juice on every bet, the benefit to the bettor is small. Every bet must be based on perceived value. Brandon makes his own lines and compares these lines with the books. He only bets when there is a discrepancy between his lines and the book lines, which creates the long-term value. This philosophy in combination with intelligent bankroll management leads to long-term success and more money in your pocket.

Brandon is the top Japanese baseball handicapper with a lifetime profit of over 58%. He has lived in Japan since 1992 and is originally from Phoenix, Arizona. Brandon graduated from the University of Arizona with a BA in Japanese Studies in 1992.


99% of people lose on sports betting. If you don’t create your own lines and compare the value to the books, you lose. Without doubt.

How to lose on sports betting:
* Sports betting that you watch
* Sports betting you like
* Selecting a team to win based on a clue
* Bets without projecting their own lines
That’s how 99% of people lose.

How to win at sports betting:
* create your own lines
* Compare value with the books and only bet where there is value

that’s it

A good capper wins 55%, a GREAT capper 57%. If a capper tells you that he is winning more than 60% of his life, he is a liar. It is not possible. If you bet -110 and win 57% over a period of time, you will make money. It’s that simple. Getting rich quick is not a scheme. If you treat it that way, you will be among the 99% losers.

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