Seiya Suzuki is ruining Philadelphia Phillies fans’ dream with latest hint


In typical Philadelphia Phillies fashion, we start the first weekend of the new year with some disappointment.

New year, new phillies? Not as much as it seems.

Seiya Suzuki, the Japanese star who would be an excellent match for the Phillies, just made it sound like he would be the next member of the Boston Red Sox.

In a conversation with former Red Sox World Series champion Koji Uehara closer to Suzuki Yes, really it sounded like shipping to Boston.

The 27 year old outfielder is a serious talent. Over 2000+ record appearances since 2018, Suzuki hits .319 / .435 / .592. He was also just helping Japan beat Team USA for gold in the Olympics.

Why would Seiya Suzuki choose the Red Sox over the Phillies?

It makes sense for a Japanese player to choose an organization that has long been successful in helping Japanese stars acclimatize and thrive in the majors. The Sox have a long history of signing Japanese players including Uehara, Daisuke Matsuzaka, Hideo Nomo and currently Hirokazu Sawamura, whom they signed last off-season.

And Japanese players have seen immense success in Boston. In 2001, Nomo became the first Japanese pitcher in MLB history to throw a no-hitter in both the AL and NL (he threw one as a dodger in 1996) when he was the only no-hitter in Oriole Park, Camden . threw history of the court.

Between the 2007 and 2013 World Series, four Japanese players won the Sox World Series rings. In 2013, Uehara made the World Series final and won Boston’s first Fenway Park championship since 1918.

Meanwhile, Tadahito Iguchi and So Taguchi are the only two Japanese players in Phillies history, and their time in Philadelphia has been short. Both played on the 2008 championship team and therefore received rings, although neither actually appeared in the World Series.

How does the MLB suspension affect Seiya Suzuki?

While some MLB players have already signed with foreign leagues during the lockout – including former Phillies infielder Freddy Galvis – everyone else is caught in limbo.

Due to the suspension, the typical 30-day posting window for a player from the Japanese Nippon Professional Baseball League will be paused.

Will the Phillies sign Seiya Suzuki or Kyle Schwarber?

The good news for Phillies fans is that when the Sox are Signing Suzuki, it means they are likely to fall out against Kyle Schwarber, who has been heavily linked with the Phillies over the past two months.

Schwarber was reportedly close to signing with the Phillies before the lockout, but the deal wasn’t finalized on time. The thug loved his short stint in Boston and made it clear that he would be very open to a return, but if the Sox add Suzuki there really is no room for him, which paves the way for the Phillies to jump in and add a formidable bat.

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