$200,000 needed to fix popular baseball field in Rochester, MN


Baseball is a big deal throughout Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin! Seeing the Minnesota Twins, Chicago Cubs, White Sox, Milwaukee Brewers, Saint Paul Saints and the Iowa Cubs, even the Rochester Honkers is an amazing experience. But playing baseball yourself is an American pastime loved by so many. Unfortunately, sometimes you can’t play unless the field is in good condition, and right now that’s the reality at Miracle Field in Rochester, Minnesota.

$200,000 needed to restore Miracle Field in Rochester, Minnesota

If you’ve ever taken your kids to a baseball game or to high school sports with RYBA, you know that the fields can get pretty wet at times. They also have a few different terrains – anything from grass to a pebbly rock to a hill that’s a bit higher. Now imagine your child who loves baseball very much and can’t wait to play, but his wheelchair can’t handle the rough terrain of the field and he can only sidetrack his friends as they play.

That was the reality for many in the Rochester community until 2006 when Miracle Field was born. This field welcomes all and offers opportunities of all abilities to learn and play the game of baseball.

Unfortunately, the field has worn down a bit over the years and is currently unusable for security reasons. Large cracks have formed on the surface and the field needs to be redone.

Rochester, Minnesota Athletes Need a Miracle for Their Field!

The Miracle Field in Rochester, Minnesota needs a miracle!

In 2006, Miracle Field was built to give all abilities the opportunity to get onto the field and enjoy a baseball game instead of just cheering from the sidelines. The field is an accessible, handicapped baseball field that is enjoyed by many, but unfortunately the field is no longer safe and in need of restoration.

The cost to restore Miracle Field is $200,000 and thankfully over $90,000 has already been donated.

With the help of the community, the $200,000 goal is reached and Play Ball will be celebrated again in June 2022.

Donate – Click the link below to support our athletes with disabilities. This is an easy and safe way to make tax-deductible donations.

The Rochester Miracle Field is asking for your help. Miracle Field’s mission is to provide an inclusive and accessible place for youth and adults with disabilities to play baseball and not just be courtside spectators.
Due to the aging of the pitch, large cracks in the pitch surface have made our barrier-free pitch no longer safe for young people and adults with disabilities to play on. Our goal is to have the field reprocessed by the summer of 2022.
We ask for your support as a sponsor of our Miracle Field Restoration Project. Your tax-deductible donation will help us meet our goal of raising $200,000 to restore the field’s surface and improve other facilities.
We sincerely appreciate all levels of support. Please consider making a donation to help restore the field and enable Miracle Field athletes to play ball this summer. All donors will receive a thank you letter from some of our athletes and their families. Donations from the upper school are honored with a sign on the outside fence. – Miracle Field Rochester MN

Learn more about the restoration project and the Miracle Field on their website here.

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