Osaka, Japan, hospital discovers toilet water used as drinking water


This has been happening for over 30 years, since the hospital opened in 1993.

According to the Japanese news agency Yomiuri Shimbun, Osaka University revealed on October 20 that tap water pipes were incorrectly installed in various parts of the school department.

This is part of the clinic building of the Medical Faculty Hospital (Suita City, Osaka Prefecture), according to Yomiuri Shimbun.

This resulted in the drinking water pipes being connected to the bathroom, reported Wion News. And has been for over 30 years, since the hospital opened in 1993. According to Wion News, 120 faucets were found to be defective.

The well water flowed to 120 faucets and these faucets were used for drinking, washing hands and gargling. Drinking water pipes were connected to the toilet water drainage system.

According to reports, the problem arose from a mistake in connecting pipes during the construction of the hospital.

This information came to light during an inspection as the hospital prepared to build a new diagnostic and treatment facility, Wion News reported.

The hospital reportedly checks the color, taste and smell of water once a week, and there have been no problems since 2014.

However, the university claims that no health risks were identified during the entire investigation.

“I am very sorry that the university hospital, which provides advanced medical care, caused fear,” Director and Vice President Kazuhiko Nakatani said in an apology to thousands of former patients and staff WIC news.

In addition, the director has assured that all of the university’s 105 buildings use well-treated water and that the school regularly checks the connection of its water pipes.

No health problems were reported.

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