Matt Shoemaker wants to rebuild his career in Japan


The 2021 season was a disaster for Matt Schuhmacher. Signed by the Minnesota Twins to shore up mid-rotation, he instead had the worst performance of his career, leading to his being dropped entirely from the 40-man roster in July. Eventually he was released from Minnesota, signed a minor league contract with the Giants but did not return to the majors last season.

Shoemaker is now trying to revive his career. As such, he travels to Japan after signing a one-year contract with the Yomiuri Giants.

Matt Shoemaker wants to put the Minnesota Twins disaster behind him

There was a time when Shoemaker seemed like a solid middle of the rotary arm. From 2014 to 2016, he was the type of pitcher the Angels needed, someone who could make a difference in their starters.

But the injuries took their toll. Shoemaker was still solid when he took the mound, but he made 32 appearances overall between 2017 and 2020. Despite being healthy last season, with an 8.06 ERA and a 1.657, he was nowhere near the same pitcher as before WHiP over his 60.1 innings, knocking out 40 batters while giving 27 walks and allowing 15 homers .

It’s entirely possible that a trip to Japan will change Shoemaker’s career. He had previously been a solid major league arm and was able to find success again. It certainly wouldn’t be a shock if he put on a strong showing with the Giants.

Though he’ll be serving in 2022 at age 35, he may still have time to return to the majors. Teams are always looking for pieces to fill the back end of their rotation and a strong performance in Japan could lead to another opportunity. But it’s about keeping Shoemaker healthy and proving his home run woes last season were a fluke.

Matt Shoemaker had a disastrous performance with the Minnesota Twins in 2021. He is now trying to rebuild his career with the Yomiuri Giants.


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