Latest developments from House Wellness, GN Corporation, Yakult and more

Postbiotic Immunity: House Wellness Foods is eyeing the ANZ market with a flagship ingredient

House Wellness Foods is set its sights on expansion in the Australian and New Zealand markets after its flagship postbiotic was recognized as a non-novel food by local authorities.

The ingredient, Lactobacillus plantarum ​HK L-137, a registered trademark of Immuno-LP20, has been classified as a non-novel food by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ).

It has been shown to have benefits for immune system, upper respiratory, oral cavity and liver health.

So far it has been commercialized into mini snack stick breads, Sato Foods sticky rice cakes and even curry sauce.

Combination of Two Beta-Glucans Reduced Inflammatory Biomarkers in COVID-19 Patients – Clinical Trial in India

Supplementation of two beta-glucans alongside standard of care has been shown to reduce inflammatory biomarkers in COVID-19 patients compared to standard of care alone.

This is according to a clinical study conducted by the Japanese company GN Corporation using their existing beta glucan supplements known as Nichi Glucan and Nichi Glucan Refix.

The study included 40 patients and took place in India.

Results showed that the intervention group had greater reductions in C-reactive protein (CRP), ferritin, and interleukin 6 (IL-6).

“Suboptimal Protocols”: Clinical Trials for Japanese Foods with Functional Claims Under Fire

A new study has claimed that the clinical trials behind Japan’s Foods with Function Claims (FFCs) lacked proper protocols, such as a lack of trial registration and transparent trial designs.

The study evaluated 136 clinical trials that can be found on the website of the Japan Consumer Affairs Agency (CAA) – the regulator of FFCs.

The study also found that some of the clinical trials did not specify the types of interventions used, and that industry-funded trials may have downplayed unfavorable outcomes.

Sustainable success: How Swisse, Comvita, Yakult and others are driving the organic agenda in the nutra sector

Sustainability is receiving increasing attention from the nutra industry, with companies across APAC including Swisse, Comvita, Yakult, Sirio Pharma investments in this area

Probiotic beverage giant Yakult, for example, has announced plans to reduce the use of plastic containers and packaging by 30 percent by 2030.

It also explores the idea of ​​horizontal recycling, in which a used product is turned into a material resource for manufacturing the same product.

Swisse, on the other hand, has developed Swisse Earth – a range of vegan powder blends from sustainable sources.

Turmeric shown to improve mental health and mood in overweight participants – Japan 12-week RCT

The supplement of turmeric extract has shown to improve mental health and mood and reduce inflammatory markers in obese individuals.

This is the result of a study with 90 overweight adults with a body mass index between 23 and 30 kg/m2.

Randomized into two groups, the intervention group took two capsules of turmeric extract daily for 12 weeks, while the control group took two placebo capsules.

The study also reported significantly lower body weight, body mass index, and serum CRP levels in the intervention group compared to placebo.


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