Largest “robot cheerleading troop” makes it into the Guinness world records; captivates internet users


Guinness World Records shared a video on their official Instagram page showing a cheerleading team made up of 100 robots. The humanoid robots will be featured at a Nippon Professional Baseball League game taking place in Fukuoka, Japan on March 26, 2021.

The short video shows the robot cheerleaders. Guinness World Records shared the video a day ago and added the caption: “Largest robot cheerleading group: 100 humanoid Pepper robots from Softbank Robotics and Fukuoka Softbank Hawks”. In the comment section, they wrote, “The robot squad received their certificate at a recent baseball game – Fukuoka Softbank Hawks versus Chiba Lotte Marines at the Fukuoka Pay Pay Dome in Japan.”

Netizens loved the video

When the video was shared a day ago, it received more than 1 lakh, 11 thousand views and 8 thousand likes. It also welcomed a wide variety of comments from internet users who loved the video. One of the Instagram users wrote: “My parents: – You don’t even have a partner or friends, how can you survive without support. Me.” Another person commented, “I appreciate you sir for bringing the good news to the world that I first made.”

The third comment was “Japan is good at developing new technologies”,

Guinness World Records shared the video of the world’s smallest cow

In another post, Guinness World Records shared a video of the world’s smallest cow. According to Guinness World Records, the cow ‘Rani’ held the record for the smallest cow of all time just weeks after she died. Bhutanese cow, was two years old and lived on a farm near Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Rani’s short stature was caused by genetic inbreeding, according to the Guinness World Records, and it was unlikely that she would get any taller. Kazi Sufian, the owner of the cow, waited until Rani was two years old to win the title of smallest cow in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records. According to Kazi, it was a wonderful way to teach the world about this type of cattle. Over 20,000 people have visited Rani and taken selfies with her on the farm. According to the GWR blog, Rani died on August 19 of an enlarged abdomen.

Image: Instagram / @ guinnessworldrecords

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