Japan’s Reborn Art Festival is back – that’s why it’s so special


Where should I stay?

Visitors can stay at Momonoura Village, the festival’s official venue, designed by award-winning Tokyo architects Atelier Bow-Wow. Located in a small fishing village on the forested outskirts of Ishinomaki town, it offers charming chalet-style accommodation. Alternatively, visitors can book onsen hotels overlooking Matsushima Bay, settle into guesthouses, cabins and mobile homes on the Sanriku Coast, or stay in an authentic samurai residence on Mount Zao.

where can i eat

Food is another major draw of the Reborn-Art Festival, where famous Japanese chefs and local talent use the event to showcase the Tohoku region’s sensational seafood, plentiful game and fresh local fruits and vegetables. The main restaurant is the open-air Reborn-Art Dining restaurant, but you’ll also find food stalls, night markets, workshops, pop-ups, and culinary talks held throughout the area. For a more hands-on dining experience, be sure to book the Ishinomaki Food Adventure, which includes a fishing boat ride, a mountain hike with a deer hunter, and a taste of kaiseki (a traditional Japanese multi-course meal) cuisine.

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