Japan’s Prime Minister Kishida has a bumpy start to the elections


Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is struggling to gain a foothold among voters just two days after his election and the inauguration of his new government, according to several local media polls on Tuesday.

At the lower end, Asahi Shimbun estimates Kishida’s approval at 45 percent, while the Mainichi estimates it at 49 percent. The more conservative Yomiuri said 56 percent supported his government, while the Nikkei had 59 percent.

In all polls, support for Kishida’s new administration was weaker than the previous one when former Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga came to power last year, with the Asahi reporting a 20 percentage point difference.

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“I know the survey results, but I also believe there is quite a gap depending on the company that conducted the survey,” Kishida told reporters yesterday morning.

“Nonetheless, based on these results – including the low approval ratings – I will reflect on my actions and continue to work hard towards the upcoming elections,” he added.

Although Kishida’s ratings for a new government are low, they’re still higher than the final ratings for Suga, who became hugely unpopular during his tenure as he struggled to contain a fifth wave of COVID-19 infections spreading through the Delta Variant of SARS was aggravated. CoV-2.

Kishida said he will dissolve the House of Representatives of Japan’s National Parliament on Thursday next week, and general elections are slated for October 31, with dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and economic recovery being key issues.

Among the solitary districts, the Mainichi poll said 41 percent of those polled would vote for the ruling coalition, while 34 percent would vote for the opposition and 24 percent were undecided.

The Yomiuri gave the Kishida Liberal Democratic Party 43 percent support, up 7 percentage points from the previous poll.

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