Former Atlanta Braves All Star Julio Tehran signs in Mexico


Julio Tehran was once considered one of the top pitchers in football. The former Top 100 contender was expected to be an ace for the Atlanta Braves, and while he never reached those heights, he had established himself as a solid middle of the rotation piece. His ability to take the ball every fifth day made him the pitcher teams wanted.

That changed this offseason. His struggles in 2020, coupled with injuries that sidelined him to just one start, left Tehran languishing in the open hand. He eventually signed with the Staten Island FerryHawks in April while trying to work his way back to the majors.

Former Atlanta Braves pitcher Julio Tehran finds a new team

His time in the Atlantic League didn’t last long. After six strong appearances, he has signed a new contract is alleged join the toros de tijauna in the mexican league.

Tehran certainly played well enough to deserve this chance. He had a 1.60 ERA and a .921 WHiP in his 33.2 innings and hit 35 batters with six walks. This type of production will generate interest no matter what league it’s in.

The Mexican league will surely take a step forward in the competition. It has become a place for former major leagues to rebuild their careers as it begins to serve in the same capacity as Nippon Professional Baseball of the Korean Baseball Organization. It may not necessarily be at the same level yet, but the Mexican league can be the same stepping stone.

At least that’s what Tehran is hoping for. If he continues to serve well in Mexico, he could easily get another chance at the majors. At 31, he still has plenty of time to make his mark in the big leagues.

Former Atlanta Braves All Star Julio Tehran is moving to the Mexican league. If he succeeds there, he could return to the majors in 2023.


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