Carlos Correa is unlikely to sign with the Chicago Cubs


At the start of that off-season, and just before the lockout went into effect in early December, the Chicago Cubs signed Marcus Stroman’s free agent launch on a three-year deal. Stroman was one of the best starting mugs on the market. It was a sign that the Cubs were by no means overrun in the 2022 season. That signing helped fuel rumors that Carlos Correa might be the Cubs’ target.

Correa is the best free agent out there this off-season and the Cubs have a need for shortstop and generally with their offensive. But while Cubs fans sing Christmas carols about him, he’s unlikely to sign there.

Carlos Correa is unlikely to sign with the Chicago Cubs

Ken Rosenthal from The athlete reported on The Athletics Baseball Show Podcast that the Chicago Cubs are unlikely to sign Correa for several reasons.

Rosenthal believes the Cubs want to sign some players in the free agent market, but they want “shorter deals”

“You might do it a little differently: Sign some free agents for shorter deals and proceed like this,” continued Rosenthal The Athletics Baseball Show Podcast. Shorter deals, and that’s the keyword here.

“If the Cubs are actually taking this course, I don’t expect them to finish Correa. And I know the fans are going to think, ‘Well, maybe Correa will sign for a shorter time because it took so long and now it will be available, a lot of the bigger free agents have signed, it’s going to be a crazy rush with all the free agents agents ‘but I don’t see that happening.

Rosenthal also believes that, despite the lockout, Correa will not accept a contract with a term of less than 10 years.

“… I don’t see Carlos Correa dropping his price just because there’s a lockout, simply because he doesn’t get over Corey Seager before the 1st.”

So the young essentially don’t want to put all their eggs in one basket. For example, if they can get Trevor Story to play shortstop for them, they can sign two or three more players who are decent free agents for the same amount of money they would give Correa.

Story told our sister site Rox Pile in August that he loves playing at Wrigley Field

“It’s been fun every time I’ve been here (at Wrigley Field),” Story told Rox Pile. “You just feel a different atmosphere here and I think it’s cool. I think players like that. “

He also said that he “loves to play in Wrigley” and that Wrigley is “a place to look forward to” every season.

If the Cubs are interested in Story there could be a seizure, and while the Cubs are interested in Correa and this is reciprocated, interest will likely not be enough unless they offer Correa 10+ years when the lockout ends .


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