A woman in Japan used crowdfunding to raise R245,000 to pay vet bills – for a dead dog

A 26-year-old Japanese woman has been arrested and charged with allegedly creating a fraudulent post to raise funds for a dead dog. The words on this picture read: “Time is running out. Please help me!”


  • A woman in Japan has been arrested on attempted fraud for raising funds for a dead dog.
  • Police say Kanna Sudo, 26, raised the equivalent of R245,000 for her dog between October and December.
  • However, investigations revealed that Sudo’s dog had actually died in August.
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A 26-year-old Japanese woman has been arrested and accused of collecting R245,000 in medical bills for a dog who had already died.

Kanna Sudo, 26, was arrested on January 13 and charged with attempted fraud, according to the Japanese news agency Yomiuri Shimbun. According to Yomiuri Shimbun, unemployed Sudo confessed this week to the Nara Prefectural Police Department that she had filed an application for reimbursement of medical expenses for a dog who had already died.

According to Asahi News, Sudo’s dog died in August. However, Sudo posted at least three updates on social media between October 29 and December 13 last year, claiming that she still holds out hope her dog would pull through and asking for more donations.

Sudo admitted to running the scam to make enough money to cover the cost of her dog’s vet bills before he died. The scam was only brought to light in January after an anonymous tipster alerted local police Mainichi Shim Bun.

Insiders took a look Ready for crowdfunding page for Sudo’s dog, a retriever named “Toi-kun”. On the site, Sudo claimed that Toi was suffering from a critical heart problem. She also posted pictures of the pup and scans of his medical reports.

“Toi has a serious heart condition,” Sudo wrote. “I don’t want to give up because I don’t have enough money.”

“Of course, all the support we received during the rest of the recruitment period will go toward Toi’s medical expenses. If the treatment costs listed above do not exceed the amount you are supporting, we will use the remainder towards future veterinary check-ups and medication for Toi,” Sudo added in the crowdfunding post.

The fundraiser offered people multiple levels of donations, with the lowest being 500 Japanese yen (65 Rand) and the highest being 500,000 Japanese yen (70,000 Rand).

At press time, 407 people contributed 1,844,500 Japanese yen (or approximately 245,000 rand) to the fundraiser. However, the fundraiser has been canceled and is no longer accepting new donations.

Readyfor didn’t immediately respond to an Insider request about whether the donors would be refunded.


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