Yohji Yamamoto really likes baseball, especially the Giants & MLB


Things everyone knows about Yohji Yamamoto: He makes a lot of black clothes; he is old and sometimes a bit unruly; he is a bit interested in sports. Well, he definitely likes soccer, or at least Y-3. But Yamamoto is apparently also a big fan of baseball.

Well, if Yamamoto wasn’t into America’s pastime, I’d be rather surprised. Yohji Yamamoto Pour Homme Spring/Summer 2006 was totally inspired by baseball because he screams out loud!

But we haven’t seen many sportsball nods since, aside from the Y-3 stuff. So get me curious when not one, but TWO separate Yohji Yamamoto baseball collabs were spawned in late July, each for leagues on different sides of the planet.

First, there is Yamamoto’s direct partnership with Yomiuri Giants, which sees the Japanese designer reinterpret the uniforms worn by the players, coaches and managers of the Nippon Professional Baseball Central League.

On September 6, 7 and 8, the Giants games at the Tokyo Dome will not only see the people in the game dressed in Yamamoto’s black robes, but the entire stadium itself will play along: A press release indicates that the Tokyo Dome ” coloured”. black to match Yamamoto’s Giants uniforms.

And like any good fashion/baseball crossover, Yamamoto’s limited edition designs will soon be available to the public on the Giants web store.

Not that they’re particularly crazy designs, mind you, but this one’s for the Giants fans.

And the other one doesn’t. Here, Yamamoto is back with frequent partner New Era for their second or third collaboration this season alone. It’s insane! These companies cannot remain separate.

Here, Yamamoto’s entry-level sub-label Ground Y digs into some New Era sportswear staples, including a .47 hat and Coach jacket, steeped in, er, admiration for America’s major league baseball teams.

I don’t know what else to call the emotion, the Yamamoto and company go all out here because the end result is kind of a bizarre alphabetical list of team names.

It’s kind of funny to be reminded of how similar these teams’ logos are and how the random names result in a bunch of “A’s” sitting everywhere.

The cap is even simpler, with just a “GROUND Y” logo on the front and little else. But if that works for you, you can find everything in Yohji Yamamoto’s webshop.

With all the stuff pouring out of Yohji Yamamoto Inc. these days – new brands, new stores, anime collabs – they can’t all be bangers. Or home runs, if you will.

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