SDF helmets used on the front lines in Ukraine


June 28, 2022

TOKYO – It was discovered that Self-Defense Forces helmets provided to Ukraine by the Japanese government were used by Ukrainian soldiers on the front line in battles with Russian troops.

Stanislav Bilyi, a Ukrainian soldier wearing an SDF helmet dubbed the “Type 88,” expressed his gratitude to Japan during an interview with The Yomiuri Shimbun, saying that the help from faraway Japan made him feel that the whole world supports Ukraine .

In March, Tokyo supplied Ukraine with bulletproof vests and other SDF equipment at the request of Kiev.

In Ukraine, where fighting with Russian forces is intensifying, young men have volunteered for the military, and it seems that the SDF equipment was supplied to such volunteer soldiers and others.

Bilyi, 30, volunteered for military service in late February immediately after Russia began invading his country and received an SDF helmet at a military facility the following month. He is now serving on the front lines in Kharkiv, where Russian troops have again stepped up their offensive. Bilyi said that he and his comrades found the helmets useful as they wear the Japanese helmets in the trenches during artillery fire.


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