Nick Martini in talks with NC Dinos from KBO


20TH OF DECEMBER: The dinosaurs officially announced Martini’s deal (h / t on Jeeho Yoo from Yonhap News). He will receive $ 550,000 in guaranteed money with an additional $ 250,000 available as incentives. In addition, the dinosaurs Rucinski and Parsons have officially signed a new contract.

DECEMBER 16: Outfielder Nick Martini is in talks with the NC Dinos of the Korea Baseball Organization, according to a report by Naver Sports (h / t according to Sung Min Kim). If a deal is made, the 31-year-old will make the leap to South Korea after spending the last eleven years at the composite ball.

Martini has played in the majors in three of the last four seasons. The left-hander broke in 2018 with an impressive line from .296 / .397 / .414 to 179 record appearances with the A’s. Martini didn’t have much opportunity to pursue this strong rookie show, however, but struggled at .226 / .330 / .323 marks in 109 trips to the Teller between Oakland and the Padres the following season. He did not appear in the major leagues in 2020, despite the fact that the Illinois native returned in 25 games with his hometown of Cubs last season. Chicago removed Martini from its 40-man roster at the end of the year and soon elected to the Minor League Free Agency.

While Martini doesn’t have a particularly long track record in the majors, he has a strong résumé in the minor league. He is a .298 / .399 / .437 hitter for parts of six Triple A seasons. Martini has done a sturdy 13.4% of his record appearances at the highest level minors, while punching out only 17.8% of the time. He’s mostly limited to the corner outfield and doesn’t bring much strength to the table, but this combination of a keen eye and strong bat-to-ball skills should allow Martini to continue to get strong grades on the base when he is it makes the jump to KBO.

If Martini’s deal was finalized, the book of the possibility would be formally finalized Aaron Altherr Return to the dinosaurs. KBO teams are only allowed to include three foreign players in their roster, and the dinosaurs are already employing pitchers Drew Rucinski and Wes Parsons. Altherr has spent the last two seasons with the Dinos and achieved .276 / .354 / .529 as a regular midfielder for the club. Naver reports that the team was keen to keep the 30-year-old (31 next month) in the circle, but Altherr has been looking into the possibility of returning to MLB this off-season or making the jump to Japan’s Nippon Professional Baseball.


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