“Even a literal no-hitter can’t stop the Reds from losing.” “Are we impressed or depressed?”


The Cincinnati Reds made baseball history…just not the good kind. On Sunday, May 15, the Cincinnati Reds became the sixth team to ever lose a game without giving up a single goal. The game was led by a stellar performance from young Reds fireballer Hunter Greene, who dominated the Pittsburgh Pirates with 7.1 innings and nine strikeouts. The problem was that Greene gave up five walks during his performance and after walking two batters in the eighth inning, Greene was removed from the game and replaced by right-handed reliever Art Warren. Warren walked the first hitter he faced and then got Ke’Bryan Hayes to work his way into a fielder selection that allowed shortstop Rodolfo Castro to score. The Reds failed to score, forcing a no-hitter to be thrown for the sixth time, but the team that threw it took the loss.

The MLB world was outraged by the Cincinnati Reds’ performance on Sunday

Twitter was awash with comments about the oddity, and some were just confused with what just happened.

“Wouldn’t that count as a no-hitter for the Reds?” – @ hip hop debate

Others took the opportunity to voice their grievances about the state of baseball itself.

If this doesn’t show why the win-loss ratio is meaningless to a pitcher, it won’t twitter.com/JeffPassan/sta…

“The Pittsburgh Pirates just won a baseball game without scoring a hit.” – @Jeff Passan

If this doesn’t show why the win-loss ratio is meaningless to a pitcher, it won’t.

Wake up baby, new market inefficiency just dropped twitter.com/jeffpassan/sta…

“Wake up baby new market inefficiency just dropped” – @ Cespedes Family BBQ

Some Cincinnati Reds fans just didn’t know how to feel and became very thoughtful.

“Are we impressed or depressed?” – @Talkin’ Jake (Ikeman)

Others simply accepted the futility of the 2022 Cincinnati Reds.

Even a literal no-hitter can’t stop the Reds from losing.

“Even a literal no-hitter can’t stop the Reds from losing.” – @Alan Goheck

Others were amazed at the history of the occasion. Indeed, on the other side of the duel, the Cincinnati Reds were involved in the first no-hitter loss when Pete Rose scored from an error in the ninth to immortalize the Houston Colt .45s’ Ken Johnson in disgrace.

“classic no-hitter no-winner from the reds” – @Portland Pickles

“Classic” – no love is lost there.

“Andy Hawkins, 1990 for the Yankees lost 4-0 to the White Sox” – @ Brew Lately

However, some acknowledged the real culprits of this debacle. Because two teams are required for this event to take place and the Pittsburgh Pirates were equally responsible for this tragedy of baseball errors due to their inability to land a single hit.

Inspirational achievement by Pirates today, future generations will remember overcoming a no-hitter and still winning without an offense twitter.com/JeffPassan/sta…

“Inspirational achievement by pirates today, future generations will remember they overcame a no-hitter and still won without insult” – @Brent Jones

Greene had an unforgettable 2022 season, and nearly a month after he broke the record for most pitches in excess of 100 mph, he will be adding that day to his record book.

Edited by Jodi Whisenhunt

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