Buy non-baseball theme park stocks, consumer spending is strong


ekkawit998/iStock via Getty Images

Deutsche Bank was positive on the theme park sector on anticipation of this strong consumer Spending this spring and summer will result in impressive cash flow generation for the group. A potential wildcard would be if the suspension of the Major League Baseball season boosted traffic at theme parks.

The company upgraded Six Flags Entertainment (NYSE:SIX) on a buy rating after being put on hold.

Analyst Chris Woronka: “We think this is a group that should be in broad ownership based on the expectation of continued strong consumer spending on experiences, company-specific initiatives aimed at driving total spending per capita above record levels of the last Year-to-date, and overlapping significant inflationary pressures in H2 should result in significant cash flow generation and, in the case of SIX, a valuation re-rating.”

The amusement park sector is faring better than other consumer discretionary industries against inflation and geopolitical headwinds.

Voronka and his team also recommended SeaWorld Entertainment with a buy rating (NYSE:A14YQA) and Cedar Fair (WKN: 855866). While not strictly a theme park, Disney is (NYSE:DIS) could get a boost if the Deutsche Bank theme is right.

Compare valuation and growth metrics from SIX, SEAS, FUN and DIS.


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