Alex Rodriguez makes a bold prediction about the Mets’ odds of winning over the next decade


Two are better than one.

Alex Rodriguez, former New York Yankee and former future owner of the New York Mets, has made a bold prediction: The Amazin’s will win not one, but two championships in their future.

During the Yankees broadcaster’s Michael Kay and Rodriguez’s “KayRod Cast” on ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball, Rodriguez praised the Mets and called for two trips through the Canyon of Heroes in the next 10 years.

“The Mets are on their honeymoon, they’re spending big, that’s what I like about what the Mets are doing, Chris,” Rodriguez told Chris “Mad Dog” Russo, who was a guest on the show. “They are a mix of analytics and old school. What I mean by that is: They have 31 people in their analysis department, the R&D department.

“This looks more like a hedge fund than a major league front office. That’s great. Good job there.”

However, Rodriguez was more impressed with the hiring of veteran skipper Buck Showalter.

“What’s better is that they have the best manager in the game in Buck Showalter,” Rodriguez continued. “Again, these are low-hanging fruits that I just mentioned Lou Piniella, Billy Martin, and Joe Torre as my favorites (managers) of all time.

“A guy like Buck Showalter with a very diverse coaching staff, I think that mix is ​​going to work really well, and I’ll say it here: the Mets are going to win two championships in the next 10 years. That is my calling.”

Rodriguez and his former partner Jennifer Lopez were leading a group of investors trying to buy the Mets when Sterling Equities listed the team for sale in 2020.

According to Lopez, their group’s offer was similar or “better” than Steve Cohen’s, who eventually bought the team for $2.4 billion.

After Rodriguez’s pursuit of the team fell short, the former infielder revealed in a Sportico Series of articles called “Business Beyond the Game” that baseball was only a small part of the purchase.

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“When we looked at the Mets, we looked at it as intellectual property,” Rodriguez said in the 2020 article. “We looked at it like an entertainment sports media platform and thought baseball was just a small part of it. But through Jennifer, we were able to push the music with Live Nation at Citi Field. With e-commerce we thought if we had mark lloyd best in class what he did with walmart we could do the same with the mets.

“We then thought that by changing and messing up the programming a little bit, we could energize and supercharge the network and even get better and higher talent.

“So baseball was a small part of it, it wasn’t everything. And we thought we could buy that for $2.35 billion and, over time, turn it into a $10 or $15 billion holding, similar to what Fenway Group did in Boston.”

Originally from Washington Heights, Rodriguez grew up a Mets fan in Florida. After starting his career with the Seattle Mariners in 1994, Rodriguez entered the free agent market in 2000, signing a mega contract with the Texas Rangers before being traded to the Yankees ahead of the 2004 season.

In 2018, during a Sunday night baseball game on ESPN, Rodriguez said if he could turn back time, he would rather have signed with the Mets than Rangers.

“Growing up in Miami, I was a huge Mets fan,” Rodriguez said. “Keith Hernandez was my favorite player. And I thought I was going to make big concessions to play for the Mets. And I thought it was just a great story for baseball, it would have been a great story for me to play for the team I grew up with. And I thought Mets-Yankees would have been a great story.

“I would just say: If I did it again, I would just take my career into my own hands a lot more.”

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