3 Michael A. Taylor deals to consider


If you ask them, most KC Royals fans probably believe that the team’s biggest trading chip is left fielder Andrew Benintendi, who is having a stellar season. But there is another Kansas City outfielder who could challenge Benintendi for the most coveted royal as the August 2 trade deadline nears.

Michael A Taylor.

Michael A. Taylor is the KC Royals’ biggest trade chip this summer.

Like Benintendi, Taylor has seen a massive turnaround at the plate this year. He’s posting .274/.347/.405 heading into the home series opener with Texas tonight, and his batting average and OBP are on track to set career highs for the veteran midfielder. He currently leads the Royals with his six saved defensive runs and ranks sixth among all major league fielders despite missing much of the season.

However, unlike Benintendi, Taylor is unlikely to be just a loan deal for a team that acquires him. He is signed for 2023 at an affordable price with a minimum salary of $4.5 million. So if Benintendi enters the open market as a free agent or benefits from a sizeable contract extension after this season, Taylor will likely remain under team control at a good price.

While Taylor’s renaissance at the plate is short-lived, he will remain a defensive elite midfielder. His big change in approach on the record – 10.2% BB% in 2022 versus 6.3% in 2021 – inspires confidence that his new production on the record could last.

What return could Kansas City expect on a Taylor trade?


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