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Since learning in January that he was “maximally obese” according to his BMI (Body Mass Index), The DA Show‘s co-host and producer Shaun Morash (Mraz) has been keeping a “fat diary” to help him monitor what he’s eating and presumably losing weight.

But instead of chronicling his intake and suffering in silence, Damon Amendolara, Andrew Bogusch and Pete Bellotti used Mraz’s fat diary for maximum comedy. In an ongoing run, The DA Show has enlisted members of Mraz’s family and special guest radio personalities to read from the journal. (Is the content actually written by Mraz’s thick diary or by Bellotti? You call.)

On Thursday, legendary New York Yankees play-by-play announcer John Sterling had the honor of reading Mraz’s thick diary to the audience. And these entries were particularly entertaining since they were made during a weekend trip to Las Vegas.

In the midst of gambling, alcohol and debauchery, what are the odds of anyone sticking to a strict diet and monitoring food intake? Certainly only the most disciplined. And as DA Show fans know, that’s not Mraz.

Please listen to Sterling’s audio reading from the Vegas Weekend Fat Journal and enjoy Amendolara’s reactions in the clip below.

“Wednesday night, two Amstel Lights before my flight and a slice of very subpar dollar pizza at JFK,” Sterling said. “Landed at 11:30pm Vegas time, threw down two big fashionos and at 3am a grilled chicken sandwich and fries from Johnny Rocket’s.”

Subsequent entries and meals included a blueberry dunkin donut, chicken nachos, burgers and fries, and lots and lots of beers and whiskeys. Hey, it was St. Patrick’s Day! Oh, there was a hot fudge sundae in there too. In addition to some egg whites and grilled vegetables on the go for a healthy diet.

Aside from Sterling’s voice bringing Mraz’s diary to life, other highlights included chocolate chip pancakes, dancing with women who “could have played college football’s offensive line,” and a meat-packed extravaganza at a Brazilian steakhouse. The weekend — and the journal entries — ended in an 18-hour ordeal of losing money in Kansas, flight delays, brisket, whole chicken, and Malibu and Cokes that shattered any pretense of healthy eating and living.

“The earliest I’ll see a scale is Mother’s Day,” Sterling read. “It’s over, man. Such a shame.”

Kudos to Mraz, who exposes himself to embarrassment in the name of comedy. On the plus side, how many of us have our bad habits and weaknesses read to us in a deep, booming voice by a legendary baseball network?

If you want to compare, here’s Tiki Barber’s reading of Mraz’s fat diary. Some may think that Tiki’s rendition is more sympathetic and relatable than the authoritative version read by Sterling.


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