Yoshi Tsutsugo dominates with Pirates is a wild turn of events


OK, it’s a small sample size, but still! It’s worth noting, especially since 2021 will end in a few days.

Yoshi Tsutsugo, who arrived in Los Angeles after his release from the Tampa Bay Rays, hooked up with the Pittsburgh Pirates after his release from the Dodgers when it was found he couldn’t produce with a number of star players.

In 12 games with the team, he made 31 record appearances only .120 with a .410 OPS. It doesn’t get much worse. In his previous 26 games with the Rays, he had hit .167 with a .462 OPS. At eye level.

In 38 games with the pirates? The narrative has completely turned around. Tsutsugo was one of the best hitters in MLB last month!

The turn of Ex Dodgers OF Yoshi Tsutsugo in the Pirates is wild.

As of this writing, the Japanese bat hits .287 with a .953 OPS with Pittsburgh. He’s scored 17 runs, eight home runs and also 24 RBI … after a total of seven, zero and seven in his previous 38 games.

In fact, Tsutsugo has achieved almost the same performance in 38 games with the Pirates as he had in 51 games last year in his rookie season with the Rays. Of his 31 hits, 16 went for additional bases. This is the turnaround the Dodgers had hoped for when they quickly picked him up after his release from Tampa.

Yeah … any reason the Dodgers decided to keep minor tweeners in Luke Raley and Sheldon Neuse? After all, OPSing Tsutsugo at Triple-A a rock solid 0.878. It’s clear that after his decade in Nippon Professional Baseball, the 29-year-old took a little more time to get used to the MLB.

What an odd time for Dodgers baseball in 2021. Back in mid-May, they brought in Tsutsugo and Albert Pujols as options to possibly get off the bench and set a spark. Pujols obviously stuck with his priceless veteran presence and clutch racket, but Tsutsugo couldn’t fill the mini-utility void LA was hoping for (it was believed he could play a little in first, third, and left fields).

One big reason for this was that his bat was terrible. Had the Dodgers waited a little longer, they might have had another deadly bank weapon in October.

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