The beginning jug trading market so far … NOT GREAT!


Obviously the Cubs need to add a starter pitcher – nothing showed it better than last night – and I made it a point of no secret that they want to add a usable pitcher MUCH earlier than the trading deadline, in large part so that it will be possible to set it up for the best possible deadline. But yeah, I have to admit the reality, just because you WANT to add a usable starter mug in mid-June doesn’t mean you can. To that end, I am not angry that Jed Hoyer and the Cubs haven’t moved yet, I’m just a pipe dream.

But I have to be realistic. And a well-timed piece by Mike Petriello is a reminder that (1) a lot of teams wish they could add a starting mug now, and (2) there is an almost comical shortage of plausibly available, healthy, and effective starters right now:

In analyzing each candidate’s needs based on how they project the rest of the way, you probably won’t be surprised to learn that the Cubs are considered the most needy contenders in baseball when it comes to rotation. So once again all of our instincts about what boys do need to do are just right.

But as Petriello points out there, the market is simply barren at the moment. Either you are now paying the wazoo for a decent starter from a team on the fence, or you just have to wait for more of the market to sort itself out (and / or for the guys to recover). Well worth reading. I am stunned that Michael wrote about Kyle Gibson less than 10 days ago as the type of sensible, plausible, decent starter mug the Cubs should be looking for …!

None of this changes your perspective on what the Cubs have to do – that’s Jed Hoyer’s job, after all, even if it’s a challenge – but it’s a reminder that, like most years, it’s so darn difficult in the June to make a decent pickup (this is why we’re suggesting seemingly insane things, like signing Cole Hamels). Somehow the Cubs will have to sit this out until a decent option is available, or simply stick to “competitive” status until later in July when the market may be better sorted.


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