Snake Bytes: 21.06. – There is always something worse


Diamondbacks news

[] D-backs show battle with 6-run rally in 8th
[AZ Central] Six-run rally isn’t enough as Diamondbacks’ losing streak was 17th reached
[Arizona Sports] The D-Backs comeback in the 8th inning lags behind the Dodgers on Father’s Day

Granted, there was some excitement, but it ended up being another sad day in Phoenix. So sad that we now even feel sorry for AJ Pollock: “You wouldn’t wish anyone that,” said Pollock.

Well, AJ, it’s not that we don’t owe the situation to ourselves. The team can grind what they want, as Josh Reddick mentioned after the game, but Lovullo was clear when he mentioned, “I think they had 17 baserunners in five innings. That’s unacceptable. ”Torey’s comments actually made sense until he started talking about“ we have to follow game plans ”again.

The worst news is that Lovullo has dragged Eduardo Escobar (VanMeter moved to third place in yesterday’s game) because of a narrowing of the right cuboid and he will have to get an imaging this Monday.

So don’t be surprised if another “important” member of the team meets the IL.

All about the MLB

[USA Today] “He Wants His Son Back:” Andrew Toles, Dodgers Father, Refuses To Lose His Son To Schizophrenia (via Yahoo Sports)

“It doesn’t really live, it just floats,” Morgan Toles, Andrew’s sister, an assistant basketball coach in the state of Florida, told USA TODAY Sports. “It’s almost like a zombie. I don’t know if he’ll ever get better. None of us do.

[MLB Trade Rumors] Rays to promote Wander Franco

The fairly general # 1 consensus in baseball is likely to make its debut against the Boston Red Sox tomorrow after the Rays announced they’ll select his contract. At the age of just 20, Franco is considered the future MVP contender of the year. After the likes of Trout and Tatis, we may enjoy yet another exceptional talent in the years to come.

[CBS Sports] MLB weekend winners and losers

Well, we all know who the losers are this weekend (and the weekend before and the weekend before – but the weekend before we actually beat the Mets). Winner? Solo appearances by Kyle Schwarber, Gary Sanchez and Francisco Lindor. More interesting are the uniforms the Mariners wore in honor of the Seattle Steelheads of the Negro League.

[MLB Trade Rumors] Injury Updates

The Rockies lost Austin Gomber on Day 10 IL with a narrowed forearm. The 27-year-old was the main item the Rockies acquired from the trade of Nolan Arenado. The San Francisco Giants added John Brebbia to the 40-man roster after returning from a TJ operation that didn’t see him advertised in St. Louis. Space was made by shifting Aaron Sanchez to the 60 day IL (biceps inflammation).

[Yahoo Sports] Gerardo Parra said he “almost cried” when he first attacked with the Nationals.

If it wasn’t for his biggest fan residing on this site, I would not have included this article in today’s Bytes. This one is for DC.

Over the wall

[Mexico] The last Olympic qualifiers will be played this week

The Dominican Republic, Venezuela and the Kingdom of the Netherlands are fighting for the last ticket to the Olympic Games in Japan. The five-game tournament opens with a round robin (June 22-24), followed by a semi-final (June 25) and the final (June 26). The winner of the round robin moves straight to the final, while the second and third placed compete against each other in the semifinals.

When we look at the sowing Venezuela is the team to beat. You will be taking more or less the same men to Mexico with you as in the previous US qualification. That means the team will again be led by Anibal Sanchez, Robert Chirinos, Hernan Perez and D-Back Juniel Querecuto.

When we look at talent Dominican Republic is probably the favorite. The Dominicans made 10 changes, this time leaving out Jose Bautista. Melky Cabrera is back, however, as is Julio Rodriguez, who is number 5 in the top 100 on the MLB pipeline. As we reported last week, D-Backs Luis Castillo and Juniel García received the organization’s permission to help their country. A 15: 4 slip over Mexico, which has already qualified for Japan, in an exhibition game last Saturday shows the team’s potential.

outsider Kingdom of the Netherlands shouldn’t be overlooked however as they combine an interesting mix of players from the Netherlands, Curacao and Aruba, led by former D-Back and Giants bank coach Hensley Meulens. There is a Schoop, a Profar and a Tromp in the squad, they are just the less talented brothers of the Major Leaguers.

Across the Pacific

[Japan] Japan’s Olympics baseball line-up announced

Japan won Olympic gold for the first time in its history. The pitching line-up is by the former Yankee Masahiro. cited Tanaka, currently pitching for the Rakuten Eagles and longtime Yomiuri Giant ace Tomoyuki Sugano.

[South Korea] Korea Olympics baseball roster announced

A few former Major League players lead the squad of the otherwise young Korean roster. Notable absences include former Major League All Star Choo Shin-soo and closer Oh Seung-hwan. Choo doesn’t have the impact on SSG Landers that many would have expected with a .266 / .424 / .469 dash line, but Oh leads the KBO with 20 saves a year.

[Japan] Justin Smoak released to return to live with his family in the United States

The former Blue Jays racket had a tough time at the NPB and had requested the release of his team, the Yomiuri Giants. He must officially pass the exemptions in order to return to the States to come to his family who could not come to him due to COVID restrictions.

[Australia] Auckland Tuatara is pulling out of the 21/22 ABL season

The New Zealand franchise, which joined the ABL in 2018 as an expansion team, announced that it will be pulling out for the 21/22 season. COVID uncertainties were given as the direct cause and the announcement has now been made so that the ABL can start planning the season.

The Tuatara has only played two seasons so far. For both seasons, former D-back Josh Collmenter was a senior member of the team. The tuatara hit the headlines in the US when twin candidate Ryan Costello was found dead in his sleep just days before the start of the season in 2019.


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