Japanese baseball star Dai Yuasa is known for its striking resemblance to BTS’s V. viral


Always wanted multiples of your favorite K-pop idols? A baseball player, Dai Yuasa, might be the answer.

Japanese baseball player Dai Yuasa has gone viral on social media due to his supposedly striking resemblance to BTS’s V (or Kim Tae-hyung). The athlete’s name is trending on several social media sites, with people either raving about the similarity or outright disapproving. Regardless of which side of the argument they’re on, most seem to agree that Dai Yuasa is certainly handsome.

Who is Dai Yuasa?

Dai Yuasa is a professional baseball player. He currently plays for the Yomiuri Giants in Japan as an infielder. With some impressive stats in the Central League in Nippon Professional Baseball, Dai Yuasa became the youngest player to make the opening day list in 2018. However, despite his talents, it is his good looks that have made him go viral on the internet.

Dai Yuasa’s resemblance to V

BTS singer V is known for his incredible looks, so it was a big deal when some fans pointed out the similarity between him and Dai Yuasa. Some fans see a strong resemblance between their facial features, each with large, deep eyes with no double eyelids. Dai Yuasa and V also appear to share a similarly high nose, lips, and sharp jaw.

Some fans have even gone so far as to call Dai an “older cousin” of the K-pop idol. Dai Yuasa is actually much younger than V since the former was born in 2000.

Here are two pictures of Dai Yuasa and V for comparison:

Dai Yuasa is four years younger than BTS's V. (Pictures via Instagram / @ bts.bighitofficial and @ dai.1.24)
Dai Yuasa is four years younger than BTS’s V. (Pictures via Instagram / @ bts.bighitofficial and @ dai.1.24)
Kim Taehyung is a member of the band BTS.  (Image via Instagram / @ bts.bighitofficial)
Kim Taehyung is a member of the band BTS. (Image via Instagram / @ bts.bighitofficial)

With fandom heavily involved in this debate, here are some of the reactions to both for and against the similarities between the two celebrities:

Some observant fans have suggested that the baseball player looks younger in the video than in the picture and unearthed this clip from Yomuiri Giants showing Dai training with his teammates. Fans find the similarity here much stronger than in the pictures.

Here are some pictures from Dai Yuasa’s Instagram account showing the comparisons between him and V.

This is not the first time ARMY has found a doppelganger for one of the BTS members. Some fans think that RM is similar to both actor Kim Ji Soo and Nayeon from TWICE. V itself has been compared to Baekhyun from EXO and 24K’s Sungoh.

Comment below if you think Dai Yuasa is V’s doppelganger.

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