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Is It Too Early To Call It?

After all the promises of heat waves and sunshine, we may just have to accept that summer 2021 is out of date. So let’s look to the next season with renewed vigor and focus – especially when it comes to our own wellbeing.

Fortunately, we just had our wellness week with Yakult, the little vial on a mission to inspire happiness and wellbeing, bringing you some of the best (and surprising) information, simple top tips, and encouraging stories to make that wellbeing possible for you Boost that you may need right now. We spoke to doctors, broadcasters, gurus and influencers for practical advice and inspiration to take next steps to improve our lifestyle.

Check out some of our highlights below, and you can also follow all of our talks on our IGTV even.

Wellness guru Rosie Underwood taught us a stimulating yoga routine that is the perfect way to start the day

10-minute Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Rosie Underwood

Nobody wants to start their day sluggishly and slowly. Get your morning routine going with this gorgeous yoga session from the ever-inspiring Rosie Underwood. Not only does it get your body and mind moving, it only takes ten minutes – so you can easily work it into your morning.

“This vinyasa flow yoga will lift your spirits, lift your spirits, and help you get on your way for the day,” says Rosie.

The dermatologist Dr. Christina Soma taught us everything about our microbiome and how it affects the health of our skin

Your best skin from your belly with Dr. Christina Soma

“It is sometimes scary for people to think about, but we are actually host to billions of fungi, mites, bacteria and viruses,” says Dr. Soma (yes, definitely scary!). “For all of these things we are basically a planet, and all the different aspects of our body are for the variety of organisms that live on and in us, such as mountains, hills and valleys. The intestines have the largest number of these organisms, followed by the skin. Together they are known as your microbiome.

“From birth to death, we are constantly changing the balance of organisms and our microbiome, and the same is true of our intestines. This balance can differ depending on factors such as: For example, what you eat, where you live, what you do, how much you travel, diet, smoking, stress, and we’re still learning how all of these can affect your skin.

“An imbalance in our microbiome can affect our skin. Acne is an example of your microbiome being out of sync, as is rosacea and dandruff.

“There is evidence that certain types of food can cause acne. and then slowly reintroduce it. It won’t be the same for everyone. There’s no point in making your diet so restrictive if it doesn’t make a difference to you. “

Dr. Megan Rossi, the colon doctor, taught us why it is so important to take care of your colon health with the help of the Super Six

How To Make Your Lunch With Dr. Megan Rossi. healthy

According to Dr. Megan Rossi has three main reasons to care about your gut health.

Number one: digestion

“No matter how healthy the food we put into our body, if we don’t have good gut health and strong gut lining, we can’t extract those nutrients from our food and put them into our blood to nourish things like our hair and ours Skin, “says Dr. Rossi.

Number two: immune health

“70% of our immune system live in our nine meter long digestive tract. People with better gut health also have stronger immune systems.

Number three: breakthrough bacteria

“We have literally trillions of bacteria along this tract, and it is these bacteria that are groundbreaking. They produce various hormones and vitamins and communicate with, for example, our brain and skin and our health and pretty much every organ in the human body. So we really need to nourish this inner bacterial community.

The super six

“One thing that we need to keep an eye on is the favorite food of our intestinal bacteria. The more diverse, the better. There are six categories and I call them the Super Six:

1 whole grain, such as quinoa and sourdough

2 vegetables

3 fruits

4 legumes, such as chickpeas and lentils

5 nuts and seeds

6 herbs and spices

“Try to get as many of these Super Six in your diet every week and if you’re looking for a goal I’ll look for 30 different types,” recommends Dr. Rossi.

Facilitator Clara Amfo spoke to us about imposter syndrome and shared the helpful advice she always tries to remember when doubts about herself

Stay at work with Clara Amfo

“We’re all born like these blank canvases – I think so anyway – and you’re born with all this hope, ambition and courage in your heart,” says radio presenter Clara Amfo in her unmistakable London accent and slightly scratchy tone. “And then the world happens to you.

“Whatever area of ​​life you’re born into, there are things that can shake your confidence and make you think, ‘Oh, maybe I shouldn’t be here.’ I have found from my personal experience and from conversations with my friends that it is not as if you have started to doubt yourself – the world makes you doubt yourself.

“This imposter syndrome is quite a complex thing. I have moments when I think, “Should I even be here?” But for the past 18 months we have all had to reassess our lives and our position due to the lockdown. We have to think: ‘What do I really want and how much longer can I persuade myself that maybe I shouldn’t be somewhere?’

“A good buddy of mine gave me some simple advice and said, ‘If you don’t, someone else will.’ Nobody but you will be you. You’re there for a reason, so you might as well do it. “

Writer and influencer Katherine Ormerod spoke to us about creating a space in the home that would help you focus and work

Bring wellness home with Katherine Ormerod

For many of us, working from home is the norm, but after more than a year and a half we may still not have understood how to design a workplace that works best for us. And don’t worry – writer and influencer Katherine Ormerod understands this perfectly.

“When it comes to working from home I would like to say that you are creating the perfect place to work, but I don’t think that’s realistic for the way most of us work.

“Sometimes you wake up in the morning and you may be exhausted from the night before, or you can’t bother to put on a full face with make-up and an outfit, and you feel quite comfortable in bed while writing or working and so comes just get out. Other days you need to take a shower, put on an outfit, and sit in a proper chair.

“For me, it’s about sitting in a room that is right for this moment. Some days I have to light a candle and create an atmosphere. On other days it just doesn’t matter and I’m in the zone and could work anywhere. But sometimes you need to get these props into a room to encourage you to go into the zone and find out what works for you. “

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