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A: The original reason for both was believed to be the ownership mandate to cut payrolls after the pandemic. Even the Arenado trade took Rockies underwriting to close.

But once the season started there were plenty of affordable bank help upgrades available. The Giants and Brewers both did a great job adding them in a snap.

The initial problem with pitching was the erosion of depth in the organization, largely thanks to the trades for Ozuna, Goldschmidt and Arenado. The cardinals spent a great deal of capital on these businesses. In the past, the Cardinals had many young armies supporting their major leagues. They did not have such an army that year – then they became vulnerable as the injuries and re-injuries took their toll.

Mozeliak ended up adding several useful pitchers on the fly, starting with LeBlanc and moving on with Garcia and McFarland for the bullpen and Happ and Lester for the rotation. The trading market had more options in July than in June when the Cardinals discovered their leak, but failure to find help earlier proved costly.

Q: How confident are you that the CBA will complete in time for the start of the regular season? What are the main sticking points and how do you see them solved?

A: I am not very confident. There are myriad issues for players including starting salary, the years it takes to reach arbitration, and the years it takes to reach free representation. But the biggest problem with all that overwhelming feeling that players are not getting their share of total sales. Fixing this won’t be easy without a salary cap / floor system that regulates revenue sharing. The baseball players reject this concept so there is negotiation around and around.


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