Crazy scenes as the first starter behaves badly before the race in Japan


Before the race it was going crazy
Picture: Kaze racer

Before a race of the two-year-old debutants at Hanshin in. there was a lot going on Japan On Sunday.

One horse in particular, TO Conder (# 11), had his thoughts elsewhere when the field for the 1800 m race took to the track.

There were a few fillies in the field, but it was a colt in Roman Nature (# 5) that caught his attention.

After dropping his rider, TO Conder went to Roman Nature and paid him close and unwanted attention.

After turning 360 degrees, TO Conder jumped up and the rider from Roman Nature quickly dismounted.

TO Conder landed on Roman Nature’s back, but the latter didn’t benefit and fended him off.

Understandably, the incident made Roman Nature gush, later kicking a course instructor and bowling over a handler.

Fortunately, despite the drama, all the horses and people were fine, and both colts were able to take their place in the field.

Roman Nature ($ 6) finished fourth while TO Conder finished sixth, a decent effort by the couple given the energy expended prior to the race.

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