BCB After Dark: Javier Baez Free Agent Targets


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The last time I asked you where the free agent shortstop would sign Corey Seager, as the market is apparently warming for him and he would very well be signing before the current agreement expires on December 1st. If you won narrowly, 31% of you thought Seager would stay with the Dodgers. That’s just over the 28% of you who thought Seager would sign with the Yankees. The Cubs took third place in the voting with 23%.

On Wednesday evening / Thursday morning I don’t do a full issue of BCB after dark with a film essay. I do have time for a jazz video, however. If you’d like to skip that, now is the time to jump over to the survey questionnaire below.

Tonight I have a very good gig by the Modern Jazz Quartet on the BBC in 1964. So without further ado, John Lewis on piano, Milt Jackson on vibes, Percy Heath on base and Connie Kay on drums, along with a special gig by the Brazilian guitarist Laurindo Almeido.

Welcome back to those who skip the music. Today’s guest doesn’t need an introduction. He is known here simply as El Magoalthough his mother calls him Javier Báez.

As you know, Báez is a free agent after the Cubs traded him to the Mets in the off-season. According to recent reports, the market for Báez is much hotter than some people have predicted. The newest team connected with Báez is the Red Soxwho would most likely move Xander Bogaerts to third base or leave him as a free agent after the next season.

But the Red Sox aren’t the only team they’ve joined with El Mago. Both the Mets and Cubs have reportedly been in contact with his people, and both the Tigers and Mariners are in the market for a shortstop and might be interested in someone a little cheaper than Seager or Carlos Correa.

Then there are the Yankees. If Seager lands back in LA and the Yankees think Carlos Correa isn’t a good fit for the Bronx (rumor has it), could they turn to Báez? You really want a new shortstop.

Needless to say about Báez’s strengths and weaknesses, but it seems that many teams are very interested in his defense and strength combination and are ready to miss any goals.

Where do you think Javier Báez will play in 2022?

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