Baseball 2021: Fans Viral Message, “Happy Divorce Max”, Scoreboard Message


A scoreboard message at a baseball game in the United States went viral after a group of friends revealed that he had the most supportive friends.

We all need friends like that in difficult times.

With Covid-19 dominating our lives for the second year in a row, the pandemic is having far-reaching effects that are not just health concerns. For some, unfortunately, this has included the breakdown of relationships.

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Despite the very real threat of Covid, things have reopened in the US and fans have been able to return to sporting events – and seize the opportunity in large numbers.

Sports enthusiasts make a lot of headlines. At the US Open, every time the television cameras found them, we had a viewer sniffing a beer, while at the Mayo Classic college football game between Clemson and Georgia, a man ate a whole pitcher of mayonnaise.

This time around, a fan’s friends showed how much they care in the Major League Baseball duel between the San Francisco Giants and the San Diego Padres.

Proposals at sporting events have become a cliché, so Max’s pals took a different approach. “Happy divorce Max. Back in the game!” Read a message that flashed on the jumbotron.

On Twitter, sports video producer Sam Hustis said the news got “the biggest cheer of the night”.

TV presenter Carmen Kiew posted the picture on her Twitter account and called it the “best scoreboard message”.

There has been a lot of guesswork on the internet as to whether the picture was a supportive picture of Max’s friends, a vengeful one of his former partner who said they were back in the market, or even one of Max trying to get himself back out there showcase.

It took the man in focus to answer the question. He sent a message to Kiev, which she then shared on social media.

“Hey Carmen, thank you for sharing this. My friends got me as a surprise. Funny to see it explode! “Said Max.

The “Happy Divorce” message has gone viral. The ESPN sports center shared the picture of the jumbotron and wrote “Congrats, Max” while Barstool Sports tweeted, “Scoreboard Divorces Are SO Much Better than Scoreboard Proposals”.

There have been a number of terrifying moments in the recent history of scoreboard news. In August, a man named Tim broke up with his girlfriend over a scoreboard ad at a minor league baseball game.

“Alyssa, this relationship is ENDED – Tim,” it said.

The Akron RubberDucks then offered a $ 5 playing card to anyone named Tim or Alyssa who showed their ID at the box office, which Tim paid for the breakup message. The RubberDucks also offered the first 1000 game visitors a “Team Alyssa” or “Team Tim” shirt.

And the proposal always goes wrong. In July, a fan drowned his grief when his lover could only say “I have to go” and fled the stadium after asking the question.


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