A bubble tea shop opens in Whitaker Square. Here’s what to expect from the Asian fusion card. | meal


Mo-nigiri ($ 5) is a variant of sushi that involves shaping sushi rice into a large triangle, filling it with one or more savory fillings, and then wrapping it in nori, the seaweed used in sushi rolls. It’s like a sushi sandwich, Layher said.

Fillings include smoked salmon, imitation crab, cooked tuna, and mayonnaise or pork silk. The latter is dehydrated, sweetened pork – similar to jerky – that has been shredded to resemble floss. “In Taiwan, they have pork floss for breakfast, with rice, in sandwiches, anything,” Luttrell said.

The boiled tuna and mayo idea might sound like American tuna salad, but Luttrell said the combination is popular in Japan. “It’s all over Japan,” she said. “People eat it for breakfast. You can get it at the 7-Eleven. “

Momo Ashi also serves “pawnini” or her own version of paw-shaped panini sandwiches. The Pawnini ($ 6) comes in two basic types: kimchi cheese and coleslaw – the latter is exclusive to this store and was developed for its customers in the south. People can also choose fillings like meatballs, beef hot dog, ham, and chicken karaage. “Karaage is Japanese fried chicken,” said Layher.

The cheese in the paninis is provolone. The coleslaw version can also be made with the same tuna and mayo mixture used for the mo nigiri.

“All we have is some kind of Asian fusion food,” said Ho.

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