10 to 15 percent of NFL players use counterfeit vaccine cards

Report: 10 to 15 percent of NFL players use counterfeit Covid-19 vaccine cards


Andrew Cohen

According to The Defector, some NFL players have used counterfeit vaccine cards to appease the league’s COVID-19 protocols. An NFL agent estimates that 10 to 15% of players have a forged vaccination card.

“I think it’s a lot more common than people think,” an unnamed agent told The Defector. “Look, you’re talking about the NFL. These guys do anything to falsify a weed test or a PED test. ”

In late August, the NFL announced that 93% of players were vaccinated. The defector reports that while some players were stabbed in team facilities, others made appointments at local pharmacies outside of the team facilities. In those cases, the league’s teams were unaware of a player’s appointment until the player sent staff a photo of their CDC paper card – which has a booming online market for fake copies.

“Any attempt by team staff or players to use a counterfeit or counterfeit card would be reviewed according to personal code of conduct and the person would be disciplined. It is also a federal crime. Neither club reported such activity during the review process, ”an NFL spokesman told Defector.

While the NFL (and the U.S. federal government) haven’t adapted digital solutions to verify vaccines, the league has put in place technology to support COVID-19 contact tracing. Last season, players and staff were required to wear Kinexon’s SafeTag proximity tracking devices in team facilities.

The Las Vegas Raiders and Buffalo Bills are two NFL teams that must provide proof of vaccination from fans in order to play in home games. Raiders fans must use Clear’s mobile Health Pass to provide evidence of their shot. The bills accept the Clear app, New York State Excelsior Pass app, and physical paper cards – but not photos of the card.


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