10 Behaviors That May Be Sabotaging Your Daily Financial Life


10 Behaviors That May Be Sabotaging Your Daily Financial Life

Changing financial behavior is never easy. Especially when you don’t know exactly where the error is. Small attitudes, if repeated day after day, can be vile of your finances.

Don’t be misunderstood! 10 behaviors that can sabotage your daily financial life that you need to change in 2018.

1. Mourn for your doubts

Doubts are really very complicated, but there are a few ways to get rid of them and to let go of the “chororus” they cause you. Loans with lower interest rates than those already charged are a great option to pay off what is outstanding and have a much smaller monthly installment committed. But for that, you have to move, right ?! So stop whining and see the opportunities available to you on sites like Just, which provide low interest online credit!

2. Don’t set goals for your money

Not establishing a plan for what goes into your account is the first step in getting you into a cold one! Without organized goals, money mixes up and makes it much easier to spend it all, without leaving an amount to save. The danger is that you end up spending unnecessary money on the money that should be used for the basic expenses of the month!

3. Spend your hard-earned savings on bullshit

If you’re bragging about having the habit of setting goals for your money, here’s the question that you don’t want to shut up: do you take them seriously? It is no use creating plans, but not striving to follow them. So, leave unnecessary shopping aside. You are much stronger than the urge to buy! We believe in you!

4. Don’t worry about keeping an emergency reserve.

If you think having a bank reservation is worthless, you will regret thinking that way when you need money to pay for a car repair and have to borrow money! It’s best to start sorting out an unexpected expense, don’t you think? We indicate an amount equivalent to 6 months of spending.

5. Buy without searching prices elsewhere

7. Procrastinate the start of your investment

Even if you’re not in financial trouble, saving is good for anyone! Why pay a fortune on a product if it is sold elsewhere for lower prices and with the same quality? No sense!

6. Not able to say no to roles

If you want to save money, you will have to learn to refuse some tours. It is impossible to save money by going to restaurants, bars and clubs every week. How about moving dates with friends to your home? Thus, besides saving, you are more comfortable and comfortable. See? Staying at home also has its advantages!

7. Procrastinate the start of your investment

debt payment

Why leave your savings on account if you have a chance to multiply them? Leave your fear and laziness aside and research the best investments of the moment! What are you waiting for? It may be your turn to get rich !!

8. Being lazy to know new things

Ok, you were glad you were not part of the group that identified with the previous item because every month you put your leftovers in the savings account. But, let’s face it, leaving your money in a savings is so advantageous, isn’t it? Although popular, there are several other types of investments that yield much more than it. For sure, one of them is perfect for your profile! X, lazy!

9. Don’t ask for discounts

9. Don

Will say you had the chance to pay something in sight but did not even try to ask for a discount ??? What a waste of opportunity! Arguing that the discount would be too small is not worth it, because grain is grain, the chicken fills the bill, remember?

10. Make the task difficult for later

Saving can be like going to the gym… sometimes so necessary, but also delayed. The best thing is, really, start today. Think that the more time you have available, the less you have to save each day according to the goal you set. We guarantee it is a lot easier than it sounds and the GuildBayment app can help you in this quest! 😉

We got you, right? You thought you were disguising well, but we know exactly what your attitudes are that keep you from financial success. The good news is that it’s always time for change! So, start now (right now, okay? Already set aside attitude 10!) To break the friendship with these behaviors. You will be much happier!

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